About us

Piseccon (Lao) Sole Co., Ltd is one of the Laos’s multi-disciplinary engineering-architectural design, project management and research development organizations. Piseccon was purposely teamed up for meeting the growing demand of research and development works in sustainable development in Lao PDR. Piseccon is a combination of high experienced of both local and international professionals in various fields which includes also academicians from prestige universities whom have been involved in the numbers of internationally financed projects such as:

  • Technical Assistance for the Local and Green Infrastructure and Water Conservation for Rural Water Services and Livelihood Improvement (MIWRMP-C3.1.1-IC-006, World Bank Funded Project)
  • Detailed Survey for Site Selection of Hydrological-Meteorological Stations and Preparation of Engineering Concept Designs (MIWRMP-C3.1.1-IC-006, World Bank Funded Project)

The vision of Piseccon is to become the leading construction and architecture consultant in the region. We specialise in providing high-quality, unique and localised ideas with modern and contemporary technology. Initially starting off as a small team working on a part-time basis, Piseccon is entering full-time mode and is rapidly expanding. The mission is dedicated to producing high quality work through creative ideas combined with new technology at the international standard. At the same time, Piseccon also aims for a long-term relationship with clients, believing that only by having a true relationship, does the work matters. The goal is to embrace steady growth and become profitable within a short period of time.

Piseccon provides an extensive range of management and technical services and disciplines including:

  • Project management, planning and initiation
  • Architecture, Interior and Landscape
  • Civil and Structural Engineering
  • Mechanical, Sanitary and Electrical Engineering
  • Topographic survey and mapping, Levelling and river cross-section Survey
  • Construction management, contract administration, and Quantity Survey
  • Urban planning, Research and development in social, environment and economic

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