Cafe Phonthan

Project Description

Modern cafe located in Phonthan village is café for coffee lover who will attract with simple form of building that’s contrast with stainless on entre and we put bench outside to make another atmosphere for coffee lover’s good times.

Interior option 1
Like harmonious with exterior core of decorating is try to push interior in to modernism that use bight color tone materials (marble, laminate sheet) to make it brighter like increase horizontally also we’ve put some gimmicks to make it more impressive by adding pattern to laminate sheet and ceiling also we have put trees like a mini garden inside to make good atmosphere in café.

Interior option 2
While we decorating exterior to modernism we want to push customer feels deferent, so we make decorate interior to loft style, they would attract blending of concrete wall and brick wall, wooden furniture is harmonious with tree that we have put it in mini garden to make good atmosphere in café; we make ceiling pattern like flow from garden and concrete floor will encourage view inside to more impressive.

Project Facts

  • Client: Anolod (Private)
  • Site Area: 1678 sqm
  • Project Area: 366 sqm
  • Location: Phonthan village, Sisatthanark district, Vientiane capital, Laos
  • Our Service: Architecture and Engineering
  • Completion: 2017
  • Status: -

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